One Eff Geof

18.10.2017 11:39

The RIMA Expo 2017 opens this weekend at Burryville, RI. on Sunday Oct. 22. Models of all types will be on display for viewing and for sale! Hope to see you there!


30.09.2017 18:53

Hi guys. I'm back from my trip and open for business. Note that besides "The Thing" kit featured on the main page, I've also added a new Talos kit in the Ray Harryhausen section. Check them out.


21.09.2017 14:09

I'll be away until Thursday 9/28/17 so I won't be able to respond to any queries until then. Thanx for your patience. Geof

Alessandro Cassone

08.07.2017 23:05

Hi, if anyone is interested in building a Pegasus Hobbies Martian War Machine with the Starling Technologies light/sound effects please send me a quote, thank

Geoffrey R Lucier

08.07.2017 23:38

If all you want is the War Machine with a SELF-CONTAINED Starling Light And Sound kit installed, I can do it for you for $250.00 US. This would include the cost of the ship, sound kit and shipping.

One Eff Geof

22.04.2017 20:13

Added another nice little kit from Resin Realities called 'Mermaid". Pass your mouse over the 'More' tab above and select 'Mermaid' to check her out.

Alessandro Cassone

08.07.2017 23:49

Hi One EFF Geof, please send me your contact info/website so I know you're offense just don't want to send money to anyone without verifying, thanks.

One Eff Geof

14.04.2017 19:30

I've added another Micro Mania monster to the collection, good old Gort from "The Day The Earth Stood Still". Take a peek at him.

Geoffrey R Lucier

09.07.2017 00:19

My email is Write to THAT address and I will send my personal phone number so we can discuss what you'd like.

David Kiley

08.04.2017 21:40

Thanks for stopping by today. You have some great work on display. I like the Elmer's glue masking tip.

One Eff Geof

02.04.2017 22:54

I just added a new tribute page highlighting the fabulous work of Joe Laudati, resin model kit sculptor extraordinaire.

One Eff Geof

29.03.2017 17:50

Added my first bust build up of one of the alien Prawn from the 2009 Academy Award winning film, 'District 9'. Use the drop down menu to view it.

One Eff Geof

23.03.2017 13:49

I just made a small Jonny Quest section which features a STOP MOTION version of the opening credits. Check it out. Also, a new Kong diorama on the way. Geof

One Eff Geof

24.02.2017 17:53

Continuing the below: I'm told that it will take at least a year for the company to get back on its feet again so purchase these fine kits ASAP while they are still available on eBay or elsewhere.

One Eff Geof

24.02.2017 17:50

Sad news today. I've just learned that there was a serious fire at the Geometric Designs workshop, a supplier of many fine resin kits, a number of which you can see on these pages.

One Eff Geof

19.02.2017 02:15

Two new additions to the site; Gollum from "The Lord Of The Rings" and Yoda from "Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back". Click on the 'More' Tab to check them out.

One Eff Geof

31.01.2017 22:13

The THEM! diorama is DONE! I hope you guys like it. I'll be adding a movie version in the next day or two so you can savor the great FX from Starling Technologies.

One Eff Geof

21.01.2017 20:25

Hi guys. I'm a tad behind on the THEM! diorama. Brainless here fried half a dozen LEDS and I'm waiting for replacements. Hopefully, I'll be posting the new stuff shortly.

One Eff Geof

13.12.2016 18:41

I've been shooting new pictures of my creations that will be in my 2017 calendar, soon to be on sale. Also, I've posted new photos in some areas so please explore & have fun!

One Eff Geof

04.12.2016 19:15

A recent addition of Amy from GeoMetric Design's 1990 kit of the great vampire film "Fright Night" (1985). A fun build up.

One Eff Geof

27.11.2016 18:41

Okay, I'm a tad behind schedule but I finally finished the great Time Machine resin kit(s) by The Alchemy Works. Be sure to watch the little video I put together showing the diorama in all its glory!

One Eff Geof

31.10.2016 19:57

10/31/16 - Just added a new diorama based on 'Star Wars: A New Hope' using Bandai's really terrific kits of C3PO and R2D2 & R4D5.

One Eff Geof

17.09.2016 19:38

A pair of updates today. I added the promised movie with sound of The Time Machine in action. Also a new bronzed version of King Kong I just completed in the King Kong section. Check it out.

One Eff Geof

15.09.2016 22:20

Just added a new build of Masterpiece Models "Time Machine". I'll be adding a short video in the next few days showing it in operation though no time travel (unfortunately).

Gary Bakewell

10.11.2016 21:42

Love your model. It's far better than a passable reproduction. I've just ordered the kit from Masterpiece but have balked at the price of the upgrade. What was your experience with it? I may do my own

One Eff Geof

03.09.2016 17:54

Added a couple of new tips on decals in the 'Tips' Page and also a brief description of 2016 JerseyFest in the 'Brag Page'.

One Eff Geof

09.08.2016 21:35

My latest addition to the site of the Moebius Models 'Dracula' as depicted by Bela Lugosi on Broadway. A fairly easy build that had its issues. Note I'll be gone for a while redecorating my kitchen.

One Eff Geof

07.08.2016 20:16

Yet another Wolfman kit from Geometric Designs that I just completed. I also have a size comparison series of photos on this page so you can compare the other Wolfman kits I currently own.

One Eff Geof

22.07.2016 12:45

I added another Polar Lights kit based on the Universal horror film classic "The Wolfman". I'm currently working on a GeoMetric Design version of the kit which I will be posting here in a week or so.

One Eff Geof

13.07.2016 22:06

I added another robot to the 'Robots' section of the site, 'Maria' from the 1927 Fritz Lang sci-fi classic, 'Metropolis'. Not really a build up (yet or maybe) but a nice figure nonetheless.

One Eff Geof

04.07.2016 21:19

Happy Fourth Of July gang. I just added eight, count'em eight(!) new models to the site. Check out the Micro Mania section by scrolling through the bar at the top of the page.

One Eff Geof

26.06.2016 18:08

Update: Here is my latest build up on the Dimensional Designs resin kit for the 1962 camp 'classic' "The Brain That Wouldn't Die" aka "Jan In A Pan'. You'll find it in the B Films section above. Enjoy

One Eff Geof

05.06.2016 01:01

Update: I added a new Robots' section and I am slowly moving the site's existing robots into it. I also just finished a nice robot kit (see photo to the right) which you can find called 'New Horizon.

One Eff Geof

28.05.2016 18:19

Okay, I fixed the picture issue in the Outer Limits section and also added another Outer Limits model from the episode called 'The Mice'.

One Eff Geof

25.05.2016 19:20

I just added three more kits to the Outer Limits section. Please excuse the truncated pictures in the slideshow(s). I'm trying to get that fixed ASAP.

One Eff Geof

22.05.2016 17:53

I finished my make up tests as a substitute for pastels to enhance skin tones. Check out the Helpful Hints & Tips page for photos & results.

One Eff Geof

22.05.2016 16:39

Here's another recent addition of a very nice Moebuis Models kit of the 1954 sci-fi/horror classic, "The Creature From The Black Lagoon".

One Eff Geof

21.05.2016 16:54

I just added some photos of a zombie diorama I built sometime ago. It's a little crude and could benefit from a little tweaking.

One Eff Geof

28.04.2016 19:18

Just added a new kit to the Outer Limits section based on "The Zanti Misfits" episode. STILL working on that difficult kit I mentioned a few comments ago but hope to have it finished by 2017' New Year


24.04.2016 12:51

Hi Geof
I know nothing about this type of work, but you seem to have become a master of it. Very nice work!

One Eff Geof

23.04.2016 19:30

I've added a new section called "The Outer Limits" Page. I have a number of Outer Limits kits which will be added as they are completed along with a brief description of its 'episode'.

One Eff Geof

17.04.2016 15:42

I'm still working on that very difficult kit so it may be a while before you see any new images. I have, however, added a 'Hints & Tips' page that may prove useful to some of you.

One Eff Geof

08.04.2016 18:23

I've just added another giant monster model diorama into the 'B Films' section based on the movie, "The Black Scorpion". I'm working on a complex kit so may be gone for a little while.

One Eff Geof

04.04.2016 20:36

Check out my latest addition to the site, the Ymir Elephant Battle on the Harryhausen Tribute page from "20 Millions Miles To Earth".

One Eff Geof

03.04.2016 01:27

I've just added a new photo gallery of the dioramas I have for sale (see tab above). The pictures have more detail than the store front images and I have included additional information on each.

One Eff Geof

31.03.2016 03:01

Just a quick update (3/30/16) - I've added my 'brag page' which has a link to my two anthologies along with a short sci-fi film I made over three decades ago.


27.03.2016 22:49

Thanx. The paint job was a bear.

Jim Graham

Great work on Kane!!!

27.03.2016 21:35

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