Gorgo #2

     As the title suggests, this is my second go at a Gorgo kit. You can find the first in the “B Movies” section when you pass your cursor over the “More” tab on my home page. I built the first almost exactly six years ago and I trust my modeling skills have progressed since then.

     I won't go into the plot of the film since I cover that in the first Gorgo build up page. Suffice it to say, I was never taken with the story as a whole but I couldn't resist this nice sculpt by Joe Laudati showing the baby prehistoric monster discovering a new “toy”which, is reminiscent of a far better film, “The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms”.

     I purchased the kit from Alternative Images via Facebook though I don't like purchasing in that forum but what are ya gonna do? It took forever and a day to get it into my sweaty little paws and I suspect this kit may not be available any longer.

     Anyway, the kit had ten parts including the base. The cast quality was fair requiring the typical amount of clean up such as removing seam lines and bubble holes. Once assembled, Gorgo stands roughly nine inches tall.

     I started construction with the diving bell. I painted it gloss black from a rattle can and then came back with a Rub'n'Buff treatment using their pewter color. I like Rub'n'Buff because you can get a very nice metal effect that you can't seem to get with paint. The down side is that the material is wax based which means nothing will bond to it including paint.  I cut a short length of wire for the bell's air supply line and another short length of chain which I attached to the top of the bell. I finished by coating the chain with a very thin coating of 3D printer resin which I zapped with a UV source so it would stand straight up as if being suspended from above.

The poster for this film which promises more than it delivers

     After Gorgo's assembly, I struggled with what color to paint it. With my first go at Gorgo, I went with a green palette which, on reflection, just didn't look that hot. I studied numerous screenshots of the critter and realized it could be a very dark green or gray. I split the difference and I went with both. I applied a dark green followed by a wash of dark gray which brought out the nice detail as it often does. I finished up with the mouth/teeth and fire engine red for the eyes with black pupils.

     The base had two parts, the main section and a odd looking rock at the rear which I painted a medium gray. After I painted the name plate a split red and yellow, I coated the remaining surface with a layer of Mod Podge and applied some real live beach sand. Once this cured, I added a few sprigs of aquarium plants near the weird rock to hopefully look like seaweed.

     Generally speaking, this kit is pretty average as kits go although the scene staging with the diving bell about to be snatched I found very appealing. Again, I'm not sure if this kit is still available though I have written to the manufacturer about it and as of this writing. I've yet to receive a reply. 4/15/2023