I Married A Monster From Outer Space


This is my second go at a model based on the 1958 science fiction film “I Married A Monster From Outer Space”, surely one of the longest movie titles in cinema history. The film is pretty good providing you can overlook the concept of alien monsters breeding with Earth women to repopulate their planet. My imagination reels at what the offspring would look like should such a union took place or if it were even possible. The monsters are a very original in design by Charles Gemora and look great but you only get a good look at them at the end of the film. You do get a brief couple peeks at them earlier in the film when a flash of lightening briefly reveals its face superimposed on the actor (see photo below) and also anothers refection on a store window in another scene.

The movie poster for this 1958 film

   The first kit I made I found on eBay for about $50 is a little crude in design although its pose matches a publicity still pretty well.It's hands are HUGE. Here is a link to the original version you can check it out if you're interested: 


     I purchased this 1/6th scale limited edition model from Dimensional Designs which only cost me $100 which is very reasonable prices like the rest of DD's kits. The very nice eight piece sculpt was done by Takeshi Yoneda, a frequent artistic provider for DD. The casting was very clean with minimal seam lines and no bubbles.

The photo on the left is the actual title frame of the film and the one on the right is my attempt to copy it using my 3D resin printer.

      Assembly was a snap and to add something to the base, I raided my twig stash and found a substitute for the resin log that had been provided with the kit. I coated the entire base with Mod Podge to give my ground foam grass and earth something to adhere to.

For the alien invader (I don't think they were ever given any kind of name much less where they came from), I painted its pants gun metal gray and the fleshy bits a base coat in jade with a very dark green wash to bring out the skin details.

     I wasn't that impressed with the name plate that came with the kit so I decided to make my own as I have often done.  I found a still of the opening title of the film and transformed it into a file I could run off on my resin 3D printer.  In keeping with the film, I painted it black and white.

     This is a nice affordable kit and would be fine as beginner's entry level into the world of resin kits. The creature is certainly eye catching and could easily be the center of attention on any display shelf. 12/1/2023