The Ebonite Interrogator

   The Outer Limits episode titled “Nightmare” aired on December 2, 1963 (60 years ago!) having been rescheduled from November 25 due to the recent assignation of President John F. Kennedy. The story certainly earned its name in the telling about a handful of Earth astronaut/soldiers being held captive in a prison camp overseen by an alien interrogator called an Ebonite. The “camp” (if it can be called that) was an endless floor with the only features being the barracks of the men, a jumble of box like rocks, surely a minimalist setting if there ever was one. The cast is populated by the likes of Whit Bissel, Ed Nelson, John Anderson with a stand out performance by Martin Sheen as the terrified private slowly losing his mind. Boy, can that guy scream!  Click this link to read more about the plot (Spoilers!):

     The seven piece sculpt by Chris Chion is an entry into Dimensional Designs limited addition of Outer Limits figures. A little clean up was required to get rid of seam lines and a few bubbles which is typical for DD kits. I had to do some serious grinding down of the Interrogator's feet so he'd (it?) stand upright on the base. The base was a featureless slab of resin (usual for the this DD line of kits) which I scribed to suggest floor panels to add more interest to the scene. I then painted it hammered silver and I rubbed in metallic blue to accent the mortar lines. The nameplate was painted a gloss black with chrome for the lettering.

     For the Ebonite interrogator, I painted its body suit a bluish gray and the cape wings a medium blue with medium gray for the wing's veins. For its face and hands, I applied a dark gray base coat an ddry brushed the facial features and hands with a light gray. I managed to break tip of the interrogator's wand just before I began photographing it which seems to be SOP for me these days. Fortunately, it was a clean break so it was a simple matter  it with a small finishing nail to act as a substitute. The nail was a medium brown already so I just painted the end with chrome paint. 12/3/2023