Reese from "The Mutant"

     Here's another one of Dimensional Designs kits called Reese from the original  episode titled “The Mutant”.  The story revolves around a group of scientists on an alien planet to determine if it is habitual for humans. 

     Unfortunately, one of their party (Reese) gets caught in a shower of glowing (radioactive?) particles resulting his eyes growing to enormous size along with him acquiring the ability to read minds. He also has become quite paranoid and can kill with a touch. This one of the Outer Limits lesser efforts in my view but if you are interested in reading the whole story, click this link:


     I have built a number of these kits over the years and they are usually have pretty good quality but I have to rate this one as being fair at best. The resin cast had some seams and bubbles which is typical of the Dimensional Design line but this figure lacked a crispness and detail I have come to expect. Sculpted by Sean Sansom, the kit has seven parts including the base. The kit's assembly was pretty straightforward since your only attaching the two arms, hands and Reese's head.

     Painting was a simple affair with me using gray primer for Reese's pants, dark brown for his belt and shoes and a light tan for his shirt with brwon buttons.   I used blue 3mm glass eyes to give him a startling appearance.  I painted his safety helmet pumpkin orange with a coating of clear yellow for a gloss effect. His goggles were painted a gloss black for the lenses, chrome and medium brown for the frame and a black twist tie for the goggle strap. I added frayed strands of red thread to give the appearnce of veins in his bulging eyes. The name plate was painted a flat black and, when it dried, I scuff sanded the lettering and other features  to expose the white resin beneath. I've tried hand painting these name plates in the past but the lettering never looked crisp to me so I've come to rely on the scuffing process I've just described.

     As some of you already know, I tend to dress up the bases on these kits and this one was no exception. Since the setting for the story is on a desert planet, it seemed logical to me that it should have a sandy base. I brushed a heavy layer of Mod Podge over the entire surface. Before the Mod Podge set, I liberally applied a layer of beach sand not carrying if it was smooth or not. I added a few tufts of dead grass here and there with a couple of odd looking 3D supports to resemble some sort of alien cactus. Once everything was set, I drilled a couple holes in the base to mount Reese's feet with small nails and that was it. 1/02/24