Before I started any painting, I pre-drilled the holes for the pins along with the fish hook locations on the bust. At first I thought that I had more fish hooks than I needed but it turned out that nine was the correct amount and 117 being the total count of pins I had to install. I ended up using doll eyes since I can't seem to paint eyes to save my life without them looking cock-eyed.

     I used a white base coat with a touch of blue for the bust's exposed skin areas and a very dark brown for Pinhead's leather outfit. I am well aware that he wore jet black in the film but I felt the dark brown brought out the bust's details a little better. For the puzzle box, I painted it a base coat of flat black and then used an application of gold Rub'n'Buff to bring out the surface details.

Hellraiser: Pinhead

     A recent addition to my bust collection is of the Pinhead character from the curious (and gross) horror film 1987 film, “Hellraiser”.The film is a bit convoluted to explain but here is a link that will hopefully inform the curious:

     The resin bust is a very nice sculpt by Darren Harvey from DFX Studios and released through Holy Grail Kits out of England. The ki tis a limited edition run (as are several of their busts) and I expect it will be sold out when you read this since they are only making 20 of them.

     The kit contains the bust itself along with numerous pins and fish hooks to complete this bizarre character's appearance. I headed out to my local craft store to purchase several lengths of heavy chain to go with the fish hooks (I thought it would be weird if Pinhead had just fish hooks sticking in his skin. Wait a minute! What am I saying?!?) and also decided to illuminate the scene with a blue LED mounted inside the Lament Configuration Box as it is displayed on the Holy Grail site.

     The electrical set up was as simple as can be with an on/off toggle switch, a 9 volt battery and a 10 mm blue LED. I drilled a hole in the rear of the bust to mount the toggle switch and I epoxy glued the battery holder to the inside of the bust. A bit of soldering and viola' it was complete. I had fabricated a petal like arrangement atop the Lament Configuration Box (curious name that) and drilled a hole into which I inserted the blue LED from the inside of the bust.    When lit, it looks pretty cool. 5/5/2023