The color scheme I used is based somewhat on the site's display of the figure along with tweaks of my own. I tried something new and that was to paint the base with a satin brown from a rattle can. Once this dried, I applied a relatively heavy layer of walnut stain which I streaked with an old paint brush to give a wood grain effect which came out very nice I think. I'm certain I'm not the first to do this but give it a try if you like to add a little more interest to your work

For Glory

     Here is a very nice sculpt by Charles Agius of CA.Sculpts (  I stumbled across this artist's work while searching an unrelated web page showcasing board game figures. What is unusual about this sculpt is that I downloaded it from the CA.Sculpt's web page  (for 25 US) as an.stl file which I can run on my 3D printers. This file also provided pre-supported parts which made my life easier when slicing (more 3D printer jargon) the figure and its several accessories.


     The beauty of having a printable file is that I can make as many copies as I would like in just about any size I would like, the only limitation being the capacity of the printer used. In this case, I went with my recently acquired AnyCubic Photon M3 Premium printer.  This printer is a resin printer which yields extremely detailed objects as compared to a filament printer. Either could be used but I prefer resin in this case.

     I went with the largest size of this character (called Raion) that my new printer could provide which resulted in an upper body of about six inches high. As I said the sculpt was very detailed so the largest version made painting much easier though it was still a challenge. As you can see, the plinth is quite ornate with winding tree branches along with an oriental influence for the arch way and base.

     I used various metallic paints for Raion's robot or mechanical arm because of the fine detailing which would be a shame to ignore. The rest of the figure was done in a “heroic” color scheme assuming such a thing exists. It took me quite a while to finish this piece since I kept procrastinating between other builds that kept on interfering with my interest level in it. Fortunately, I kept with it and ended up with a nice addition to my bust collection. 5/13/2023